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Pride Candle Line

10% OFF on Pride Candle Like at Sense by the Falls


Borderlight Theatre Festival - Ticket Discount

Get a $1 off of 2 tickets for different shows/performance OR 2 tickets for the same show/performance when you use the CP50 Voucher Code.

Get $1 OFF your tickets using voucher code CP50

20% Off Photography Services for Plexus Members!

Hey Plexus fam! I'm announcing a special 20% discount on just about every photography service I provide* for active Plexus members! You can see everything I offer here: I'd love to be your photographer! * Excludes travel and additional photos purchased beyond the original package - must prove active Plexus membership status

Sometimes it pays to be Queer!

$2198 Savings on Mortgage Closing Costs!

Receive a lender credit towards your closing costs up to $2,198 on a home purchase or refinance loan.

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