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Member Spotlight: Liberty Mutual Insurance/Jacki Schaffer

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July 06, 2017

Jacki Schaffer joined Plexus in August 2015 after being referred to the organization by board member Luz Pellot. As a member of the LGBTQ community and committed to advancing economic inclusion and diversity in Northeast Ohio, she wanted to get involved with an organization that represents her values and could help grow her business and networks. Hoping to make a positive impact in an era of such uncertainty about LGBTQ rights, she even joined the Plexus membership committee. See below some highlights from our interview with Jacki:

What do you do in your business?
Jacki has been an insurance agent with Liberty Mutual for 2 years and specializes in personal insurance needs including auto, life, home, renters and umbrella policies. She does comprehensive reviews to ensure her clients have the appropriate amount of coverage, finds that many are under- or over-insured, and counsels them in selecting the best insurance products. Because of the legal complexities surrounding couples who are partnered but unmarried, life insurance is especially important for LGBTQ clients to consider.

Why did you join Plexus?
As an insurance agent and being new to sales, Jacki needed to find networking opportunities where she could approach people and feel comfortable. Networking events with strangers can be awkward, so finding a group of people who she knew shared her values and an identity in common was important. Plexus made that easy because she knew she was networking with a group of LGBTQ people and allies.

Has Plexus membership helped you with your business?
Jacki has met lots of people through Plexus who she works with on their insurance. In turn, those connections have led to even more referrals for her. In fact, she met Alex Cruz through a Plexus online directory search while looking for realtors to partner with. They scheduled a coffee date and found that they could refer many clients to each other since their regions overlapped. They now have a solid team of mortgage, realty and insurance professionals through their Plexus membership and specialize in helping LGBTQ and allied clients through packaged products. They're currently looking for someone specializing in titles.
What is your favorite part of Plexus?
Jacki's favorite part of Plexus is the new connections and new family that she has made. She pointed out that after a certain age meeting new friends became more difficult. She is grateful for Plexus because she was able to meet not only new business connections, but has built many close relationships with Plexus members since joining.
Why did you get more involved in Plexus by joining the membership committee?
Jacki said that the presidential election raised her awareness about the state of the country and world. Fear about what might happen to our rights and liberties pushed her to look for opportunities to create positive change.
Why should people get more involved with Plexus?
She said that Plexus members aren’t only there to bring value to their business, but to their friendships and the LGBTQ and allied community as a whole. The energy at Plexus events is upbeat and friendly, and being part of driving positive change in all aspects of your life and making lifelong friends and professional connections is the reason to get more involved with Plexus.
Why are LGBTQ businesses important?
Jacki thinks that something that the LGBTQ and allied community can do better is be cognizant with our spending and use our dollars to make a political statement. She said we should support businesses that have shared values so that in the long-term, our values of diversity and inclusion are realized locally, regionally and even nationally.
What are you excited about for your future at Plexus?
She is excited to make more friends and colleagues through Plexus and hopes to educate and get others more involved as well.

To learn more about Jacki Schaffer's business, find her in our membership directory or see her Facebook page.

Jacki dyed her hair rainbow colors to celebrate Pride in the CLE in Public Square on June 3, 2017 where she was a vendor.