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Masterpiece Cakeshop Ruling

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June 06, 2018
As you know, the US Supreme Court ruled on the Masterpiece Cakeshop case earlier this week.
  • The good news is that the ruling was narrow and pertained to the specifics of Colorado state law. The Court affirmed that LGBT nondiscrimination protections are valid.
  • The bad news is that this result will be interpreted by some as a win for using religious convictions as a reason to discriminate.
This ruling emphasizes the need to push for statewide nondiscrimination protections in Ohio, to pass the Ohio Fairness Act (HB 160) because it is still legal to discriminate against LGBT people in areas of employment, housing and public accommodations. The decision makes the work of Plexus even more important. In an uncertain and confusing legal landscape, the burden is on consumers to know which businesses are friendly to the LGBTQ community.
  • Utilize the Plexus Member Directory to find businesses and organizations that are LGBT-owned or owned by allies who will not deny services based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Join Plexus today: your membership makes a statement about your organizations’ openness to serve the LGBTQ community.
  • Sign onto Ohio Business Competes to show that Ohio would benefit economically from nondiscrimination protections.
More Insight from Our Partners
“The success of America’s society and economy depend on us upholding the social contract of mutual accountability and respect, yet the Supreme Court has now given a path toward state-sanctioned license to discriminate in this country. The LGBT community is a vital part of the American economy and deserves equal treatment under the law, and NGLCC will continue to advocate for our community’s right to live their lives free from discrimination in their places of business and in their local communities.”

 “As NGLCC’s work has demonstrated, LGBT inclusion is associated with higher levels of entrepreneurship and is linked to GDP growth, whereas LGBT discrimination goes hand-in-hand with a decline in productivity and success. This decision by the Supreme Court to add additional potential barriers for LGBT Americans who only wish to contribute to the US economy as full and equal citizens will damage the American economy and the economies of the businesses who participate in this discrimination.”

Erik Meinhardt, Administrator